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$5000 donation from Bupa!

The staff and Board of the Y Emergency Housing Shelter for women and children were thrilled to receive a generous donation of $5000 from Bupa and would like to express our gratitude.

Bupa’s contribution will help to fund necessary repairs as well as helping towards the day to day operations of our facility, ensuring we continue to provide a warm and comfortable environment to our clients.

The donations we receive support women and children in our community who have come into our service through traumas such as domestic violence, homelessness via broken relationships and extreme poverty. This support enables us to house them and provides a scaffolding of care that enables them to heal and grow in a nurturing environment. We aim to empower them and assist them forward into their futures with hope and the knowledge that they are valued and held within their community.

“if it wasn’t for the YWCA, I would not have made it, I had given up hope.

Now I have a job and a future.”

Previous client

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